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We are building a CMS 2.0. Write once, run anywhere, built from the ground-up to take full advantage of Windows Azure, and leverages the latest in ASP.NET MVC 4, CSS3, HTML5, and Javascript web standards.

• Windows Azure Storage (Table, Blob)
• SQL Azure
• ASP.NET MVC 4 framework (C#/Razor)
• jQuery, jQueryMobile

Our Vision:
Azurebrite is a open source Web App Framework for .net programmers to help them build the next generation of rich take-anywhere immersive experiences backed by on-demand, elastic services running on a global scale.

Some features include:
• Automatic scaling, with SMS or email alerts
• Distributed caching
• Daily backups and restore
• Multi-language
• Multi-Device
• Mobile app with a native feel
• One code base for both mobile and desktop
• Extend with relative isolation with mvc areas
• Add jquery plugin easily on the CMS

We are providing 10 new modules.

• Blog 1.0
• Forum 1.0
• HelpDesk 1.0
• Comments 1.0
• Gallery 1.0
• Ecommerce alpha
• Maps 1.0
• Contact 1.0
• Booking 1.0
• Videos HTML5 1.0

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